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Welcome to the Affiliate Nutshell Marketing Corner, Affiliate marketing is the promotion of products by a third party in exchange for commission pay out/ cut of sale. Below is a short article which will help you better understand what affiliate marketing is.

Basic guidelines for affiliate marketing

I’m sure that you have heard people say that you can “earn a bundle of money” on the Internet? They were absolutely correct. The Internet is indeed a huge borderless marketplace where one can discover various ways of earning an income online without maintaining a physical presence, but also where your clients can inquire about the products or services that you have to offer through your business. If you are short on cash but long on time I will show you through our Affiliate Nutshell Marketing program, many fool-proof way to earn 40-200 dollars a day using simple techniques and you won’t have to shell out a single penny. You will learn in a short period of time the Internet marketing strategies that the big "GURUS" in internet marketing use such as:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Keyword research
  • AdWord
  • AdSense
  • How to find profitable "Niche" markets
  • How to drive traffic to your website
  • List building and much more

These are some of the most important components to internet marketing which you should familiarize yourself with if you are serious about jumping into the "Internet Marketing" arena. RCMG/ISBAB affiliate nutshell marketing corner provide a platform for you to be involved in internet marketing at zero cost as illustrated in our "Affiliate Project Nutshell " manual where you will learn search engine marketing strategies, resources, tutorials and how to write articles and pre-sells for your internet home based affiliate business.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is only one of the most important elements in internet marketing strategy. The days of "Build your site and they will come running" theory has been over for quite some time now and with a little effort from you and using our techniques we will show you how easy it is to increase your search engine traffic and earn a substantial income through internet marketing. Another avenue to earn money online with internet marketing is your own "buy and sell" business through online auctions such as eBay, the type of online marketing where you will promote your products or services through your website, and through Google Adwords and Adsense as well.

By far the best and most popular way to earn money online is by joining affiliate networks and programs. This is the easiest way to earn revenue on the internet since it does not require that you have products to sell. What is an Affiliate Network? Affiliate networks are composed of different vendors who are looking for marketers to market their products, an affiliate program is the program which a particular company has created for affiliates to market their products.

To work as an affiliate you will have to sign-up to one or the other affiliate programs or networks. I would advise in the beginning to concentrate on one network at a time. My favourite affiliate network and by far the most popular is click here to open an account is Free. Once you become an affiliate, you will be required to endorse a merchant's website, I will show you later how to spot "profitable niche markets".
Your website will be the primary tool that you will need for advertising and marketing the website of the merchant and vendors through affiliate programs. Once visitors click on the merchant's "hob link" to the website which you are promoting and make a purchase through your hob-link you will receive your corresponding commission.

I prefer the Clickbank repository because you don’t have to worry about running after your money. In contrast, some affiliate programs seem to be a little slow about paying out commissions. If the vendor is affiliated with you can be sure that you will receive your commissions. The system involved in affiliate marketing is relatively easy, so earning money is not as hard as one might think. If you want to succeed with this kind of investment and become one of the "super affiliates" and earn income as they do, you must learn the necessary skills and you can do this through our Affiliate nutshell marketing program.

One of the most important tasks that you will need to learn is how to drive traffic to the merchant's website. Since you are promoting the vendors website it is of utmost importance that you build and drive traffic to your website first. This is one of the essential strategies that you must use when you engage in the affiliate marketing business. So, how will you drive traffic to your site? Just like AdWords, AdSense, websites and blogs, all you need to do is to create quality content for your site. Keep in mind that relevant content is the most important element for top search engine page ranking and heavy traffic to your site.

Your site must contain highly-targeted keywords and keyword phrases, we will show you how to find "Niche" specific keywords for your campaign that you can use to get to the top of Google and the major search engines and tell you where to place them into your pages for ultimate search engine results. These highly-targeted search terms (keywords) must be arranged in a meaningful format and provide essential information to your visitor. In short you will also need to write articles that will constitute quality contents for your website. The articles that you write must be related to the contents of the merchant's website that you are promoting. Do not forget to provide a brief overview about you as the author and some links back to your site or to the merchant's website you are endorsing.

If you want to become a super affiliate, always remember two things: web traffic and relevant quality content. If these two elements are dominant in your affiliate marketing strategies, you will be able to see in a short time the effects once you have them in place and have applied them. So if you are truly interested in building your own internet home based affiliate business these are some of the most important things which you should know. To learn more about our affiliate nutshell marketing program stay in tune with us.



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