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Intensive 60 Days Affiliate And Online Marketing Crash Course  


Register today for this fantastic 60 day crash course in affiliate and online marketing techniques.

This course is designed to catapult your internet earnings to the highest possible level. Whether affiliate or online marketing you as an online marketer have to do certain things to survive in this arena. But most people really don’t know how to start, this is where we come in.  

Our course is designed to take at least 90% off the work load so you can concentrate on the marketing part of your business. This course will give you “Die Zweite Stanbein” (that second leg to stand on). The phrase “Zweite Stanbein” refers to having something to fall back on or support you during dire times. This can be a number of things, it could be personal or business. I personally use this phrase in a business sense, which means that if you own a business such as auto sales and your company is having trouble maintaining it’s bottom line, you have to seek other means to survive.




So what do you do in this case to keep or maintain your bottom line without going out of business or going into your reserves? You know that your business will be profitable at some point, but what do you do up until then if there is a crunch? A great way to control this is to set up another income stream. There are literally thousands of companies large and small, who are faced with this problem and smart business owner knows that they have to increase their bottom line and at the same time keep their business going. As we all know the object of owning a business is to save money and not spend money, this is the golden rule of all business minded people and businesses. And our course will definitely accomplish this for you.

You don’t need a super website, a normal html website will do the trick, remember we are trying to save money not spend money, of course we realize that as in any business form to be successful you will need to invest in your business at one point or another and you will definately need a website.

This is what comes with our special offer...
The "ProfitFunnel" E-commerce Mini-Website 2.0
Mini Website 2.0 Includes:

Your choice of any “ProfitFunnel” S.E.O. Optimized Mini Website 2.0 that you wish. We realize that most people have no idea about Search Engine Optimization  so that’s why we will do the SEO for you- out techniques speak for themselves you can check the PROOF  

  • A Dreamweaver (HTML) webpage to include the following:
  • Dreamweaver Index page
  • 2-4 extra optimized templates
  • Free S.E.O. Optimization- keywords, description, robot tags
  • Links to your Facebook, and Twitter pages
  • No external Java script files
  • ON page OFF page Optimization
  • About Us page
  • Contact Us Page
  • Free built in contact form*
  • Tested and proven Traffic builder
  • "Do follow" links to article submission sites with PR 5 or more for S.E.O.
  • The "Affiliate Project Nutshell Manual" for novice marketers.
  • Links to Search Engines submission sites
  • We will populate your ProfitFunnel for you at no extra cost. You provide the images and text, and we will do the rest
More about the PF Mini Website here

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Gain Access To Your Custom Built RCMG "ProfitFunnel" S.E.O. & Ecommerce Optimized Mini Website Now!!!
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For the success of your business we offer you the following business solution

Intensive 60 Day Aamazon Domination And Selling Crash Course All To Include
getting started
  • Set Up An Amazon account
  • Pick your first product to sell
  • Find A Supplier
Check out these article and learn how to avoid many mistakes that marketers make and learn how to build your business the easy way.
  • Affiliate vs MLM Marketing Truth or Consequences ??                                 
  • How To Create Your Camtasia/video
  • How to get Google to index your website within 48 hours
  • Starting A Business
  • Useful Search Engine Optimization Tips and Tricks
  • Why Most Affiliates Earn Less Than $500 A Month just follow this link-

These are the ebooks that you get with your package:

#1 Best Kept Work From Hopme Instant Money Making Secret

Cut Out The Middle Man - WHY PAY HIGH COST SUBSCRIPTION FEES ??? Dozens of Research Companies that you can immediately apply to and start earning $200 and more every day Immediately! Corporate America is dying to know what you think about their products. Over 300 + highly recommended Research Companies offering best work availability and payout. The opportunity you have been waiting for has finally arrived, today. Learn the secret to quick online success..

*Best Seller*
Value - $39.95

5 Best Kept Work From Hopme Instant Money Making Secrets

Launch your own home base business and earn $1000.000 plus yearly. No experience required. Earn $ix figures yearly for easy work such as entering data, filling in simple forms, mystery shopping, auto pilot and much more. Work out of your own home or office and choose the hours that suit YOU while doing something interesting and rewarding with your life. Just spend a couple of hours doing easy tasks. When that’s done you’re finished for the day… It’s the chance to earn good income so get started now changing your life for the better forever.

Value - $31.97

FREE S.E.O. Tools Give Away

Search Engine Optimization is the core factor of success if you are planning an online business or working as an Internet marketer. Thousands of businesses spring up online each year but very few are aware of the fact that, without SEO Optimization your site will not enjoy the benefits of search engine ranking, your website will just disappear… Download a collection of the most important affiliate, S.E.O. and internet marketing tools that are absolutely necessary for the online and offline optimization of your website. ALL FOR FREE

Value - $21.99


  • 500 Word Press or news release
  • 500 Word-keyword rich Article on your subject                                
  • On page + off page optimization of your mini website
  • Article submission-submit to 5 and 6 tier "Do Follow" sites
  • FREE Video software
  • Affiliate and Online Marketing Tools
  • Background music for your videos                     
Free tools
  • Article Extractor
  • Article Submitter
  • Instant Article Wizard
  • Directory Submitter
  • Good Keywords Tool
  • Create Professional PDF´S Tools
  • Screen Shot Software  and much, much more...
New Release


The best niche to enter are the ones where your chances of getting high rankings in all three search engines are good. Finding Niche products is not that hard, first you have the products that are in the main NICHE category such as the Weight Loss Market - which supports a ton of sub-niches. Lose Belly Fat, Get Killer Abs, etc… And for each one of these niches you have the sub-niches and there is a ton of money to be made marketing products from sub-niche markets.  The three essential elements of a good niche product to promote High demand, Low supply and Potential profit, if the product that you are promoting meets these three demands then you have a good product to market.


Value - $37.00
New Release


Are you still being told that getting thousands and thousands of visitors is as easy as clicking a button? I know that it is a favourite past time among marketers is to try and sell you on the idea of making money with any effort, but in reality then it never happens like that. In my guide 'Article Cannon' I tell you exactly how to use articles to drive real, targeted people to your sites where you can get them to click on ads, sign up to your list and make you money! I explain the whole process so you can get real, honest traffic to your site that won't get your accounts closed and watch all your work going down the drain!


Value - $27.00
New Release

PLR CHEATER -Exclusive Bonus

Are you using the power of PLR yet to explode your business? I collected PLR for years, even though I never really was the value in it, I always thought that some day I'd get round to using it. Only after I really sat down and started to develop a system did I realise how easy using PLR makes it to create your own super profitable products! Most of the hard work has been done for you, the research, the writing, the ideas, already done for you and handed to you to legally to use as YOU see fit!

Value - $35.00
Surprise Bonus - Hot Off The Press
The Work At Home Instant IncomeProfitFunnel System
How To Create High Income Business Opportunities From Home is my latest work and release on finding high paying job opportunities that you can create yourself. This book contain 205 pages with over 49.000 words and illustrations and covers many areas of affiliate and online marketing that a $50 e-course will ever teach you.
Affiliate marketing (in a nutshell) is the promotion of products by a third party in exchange for commission pay out/ cut of sale. The HOCHIBOFH manual is an advanced manual on creating business opportunities from home with hardly any effort on your part and make huge online profits through affiliate marketing. This manual which is written especially for online marketers, entrepreneurs and small business owners contains some of the most important steps of marketing that you will need to undertake to be successful. It skips all the hype and tells you exactly what to do and how to do it. creating an online business is not as hard as many people think it and the HOCHIBOFH manual spells out these steps which you must take in order to earn substantial income on the Internet in record time.Value - $69.95
Make Your Decision Now. Hunter Or Hunted, Predator Or Prey For Just $99 bucks You can lock in your RCMG 60 day Intensice affiliate and online marketing crash course today...

The word is already out about the RCMG Instant Money Making Crash Course and people are ordering this fantastic course to profit from this program and you can be one of them. IN NO TIME AT ALL you can have full control of your business and marketing efforts... The gains are huge but the losses of not implementing this system and platform are much worse... you have been warned…

Oh, by the way: this will be the final and lowest price ever, and there is a very good chance that this price will rise back up to $549.95 at any time soon - without warning to you.

Remember that the gap between the super rich affiliates and the not so super ones is widening each and every day - the question is which side will you be on? You must make a decision now while the opportunity is still hot and on the table. Because soon it will be gone. Maybe forever...

One last thing:  Remember we  offer a no-question 100% money back guarantee a full eight-week after purchasing the service, if you don't earn any money from affiliate marketing, if your girl friend got pregnant or  for any reason - just let us know and I will give you a full refund.

My personal contact email address – is reserved for my buyers, people who are genuinely interested in getting off on the right foot and who know a good thing when they see it-and are prepared to take action to live the life they really want to live. The decision is yours to make, but make it fast because tomorrow is not promised.


Here’s how to secure your Special Bonus

Step 1

Order The RCMG Aaffiliate Marketing Crash Course - via this link

Step 2

Simply forward us your Pay Pal order receipt. Enter Crash Course in the subject field, and we will take it all from there and provide you with all the information you need and get you up and running in no time at all.

(Important! ).

Upon verification of your purchase you’ll be sent download instructions to access the exclusive bonuses.

Please forward the relevant info to and we will do the rest.

This Is A Time Limited Offer

P.S.  We reserve the right to remove this bonus if and when we see fit.

P.P.S. By requesting the Affiliate 60 day intensive Crash Course you agree to be added to the mailing list. You can unsubscribe at any time.


You are fully protected by our unconditional 60 day money back guarantee.

We Are Assuming All The Risk

I’m sure that you want to put your "ProfitFunnel Mini Website” and 60 day Crash Course  to work right away so you can start earning huge profits... And I also know without a shadow of a doubt that your 60 day Crash Course  and our membership platform is the best way for you to make money online, but I also want to ensure that you are fully protected and I am offering you a full 60 day access to test drive our system...
If for any reason at all you are not totally convinced about our 60 intensive day Crash Course and ProfitFunnel S.E.O. optimized website and NEW STRATEGY 60 days after build up, then just let us know and your membership will be cancelled and you will be fully refunded*. You can cancel for any reason at all.

That is how certain I am that this system will allow you to crush your competitors and earn huge amounts of cash...
If you order today you will pay the ridiculously low Launch price of only $99 for access to your "ProfitFunnel " and crash course.


Privacy Promise:

Your personal identifying information is important to us.Which is why we promise that we will NEVER sell, rent, exchange, trade or disclose your details to any company or individual Period!




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