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  Foreign Exchange
Foreign Currency Trading

Today could be the turning point in your life you've been waiting for, that is if you're prepared to do what it takes to get where you want to go. Successful trading involves risks control for the trader to help him better determine how much he is willing to lose before ceasing trading

Due to the leverage available, you can with very little money down have big gains, but also big losses as well. Only highly sophisticated investors should trade forex, but whatever you do, don't trade more than you are willing to lose.

Learning to trade the Forex trading system and market requires the proper guidance and resources. Here are some things that you should consider doing if you are interested in trading with Forex.


  • Research the best ways to invest your money and enrol in a financial education course
  • Consult a trusted broker. Try and find a trade broker who will not deal against your trades with human or electronic dealers.
  • Understand how world currency fluctuates. Currencies are traded in pairs. Choose a single pair to learn how to trade and stick to it until you get the hang of it.
  • Get a package which allows you to chart and see the current price in real time  and make technical analysis.
  • Follow a system that gives you indications of when to enter and when to exit trades.
  • Start by using a demo account and no real money. When you are confident and consistently making good trades, then go live with it.

Foreign Exchange Market

The foreign exchange market (forex, FX, or currency market) is a worldwide decentralized over the counter financial market for the trading of currencies. With the exception of weekends. Financial centers around the world function as anchors of trading between a wide range of buyers and sellers around the clock, The foreign exchange market determines the relative values of different currencies.

The primary purpose of the foreign exchange market is to assist international trade and investment, by allowing businesses to convert one currency to another currency. It also supports speculation, and facilitates the carry trade, in which investors borrow low-yielding currencies and lend high-yielding currencies, and

which (it has been claimed) may lead to loss of competitiveness in some countries.  Typically in a foreign exchange transaction partys purchases quantitiesof one currency by paying a quantity of another currency. The modern foreign exchange market started began during the 1970s when countries gradually switched to floating exchange rates from the previous exchange rate regime.

The uniqueness of the foreign exchange market is because of its:

  • huge trading volume
  • geographical dispersion
  • continuous operation: 24/7 except on weekends
  • the variety of factors that affect exchange rates
  • the low margins of relative profit compared to the fixed income market
  • the use of leverage to enhance profit margins according to account size

So it has been referred to as the market closest to the ideal of perfect competition, notwithstanding market manipulation by central banks. According to the Bank for International Settlements, average daily turnover in global foreign exchange markets is estimated at over $3 trillion, as of April 2010.

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