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Highlights - The "ProfitFunnel" In Action

Our ProfitFunnel Websites are designed to get you started promoting products immediately and help you shave off 90% of the learning process because you will get a ready made website that is completely optimized to start you earning as soon as it is set up, thus saving you time and energy trying to get a website up and running, costing you hundreds of dollars. A mini website is a simple, economic and effective way to truly promote your product or service and build your business and website at the same time. Why spend a fortune on a multi-page website before you know what you need and how it will work. The “ProfitFunnel” is simple and easy to build, potent as far as getting traffic and most of all they are economical.

  • No back offices - You get your own personal mini site that you can design yourself and add on to.
  • Promote your own website - with your mini site there are no external links that lead to the site where you got your free blog
  • No more hassles- with back office links that do not work properly and owners not answering your mail
We always work hand in hand with our customers to provide the best service possible because. Our company realizes that it is absolutely imperative to have some type of online presence in order to earn any type of income on the internet, that is why RCMG/ISBAB has created the "ProfitFunnel" SEO Optimized Mini Website especially for you. The idea is to start with a small good looking webpage that you can later add on to… And Build It One Page At A Time More Here
Below is a list of keywords that I would like to use to demonstrate to you how the PF mini website works:

If you use the right keywords on your website and in your meta content you can rank high in Google search results for a number of keywords, and that's what it's all about-ranking on Google's page 1 for your keyword. Just check out how I use keywords to push my website to Google’s #1 position not only for my main keywords but also for other related keywords as well. Online promotion is very important to your business success and if you have a product or service to sell the Internet is probably the best place to do it, because millions of people search the Internet daily looking for a solution to their problem and you might have the solution to that problem-but how will you know this if you don’t get the right kind of traffic to your website?? Using the wrong keywords to optimize your site with could be deadly to your online success. And I think that everyone will agree that the most important thing is to sell your product or service. That’s why we’re in business.

If your website is not optimized with the right keywords, people will never find you in a Google or any other search. I would like to show you how to increase your ranking in Google and all other search engines without paying one cent... Below are the keywords that I use in my on page and off page Content to optimize my website rcmg-3.com a “ProfitFunnel” Mini Website with.

affiliate high income business opportunities   - H1 Header tag   
best affiliate small business opportunities      - H2 Header tag
high income business opportunities                -- H3 Header tag

Remember--Keywords run Search Engines period. 

If your website is not optimized with the right keywords, people will never find you in a Google or any other search. This is how we increase our ranking in Google and all other search engines without paying one red cent. Below are the Google search results from April, 22, 2013 for the following keywords: these numbers are of course subject to change...


Keyword No. of Websites in search Results Placing

Affiliate High Income Business Opportunities

7.280.000 Page 1 #1+2

Best Affiliate Small Business Opportunities

24.300.000 Page 1
High Income Business Opportunities    230.000.000 page 3
Affiliate Small Business Opportunities 4.290.000 page 1 #1
Affiliate Small Business Opportunity 29.100.000 page 1 #1
Best Affiliate High Business Income Opportunities 25.800.00 page 1 #1+4
Affiliate High Business Opportunities    28.400.000 page 1 #2
High Business Opportunities 1.510.000.000              page 1 #1
High Affiliate Income Business Opportunities 35.900.000              page 1 #1
High Income Business Opportunity 141.000.000            page 1 #3
Affiliate High Opportunity  73. 900.000                page 1 #1
Affiliate High Income Business Opportunity 2.750.000                page 1 #1+2
Affiliate High Business Opportunity 52.800.000               page 1 #1+2
High Affiliate Income Business Opportunity   10.600.000               page 1 #1
Affiliate Income  Business Opportunity   11.700.000              page 1 #1
High Affiliate Income 65.300.000   page 1 #10
High Affiliate Income Business 53.500.000                page 1#1


affiliate High  income Business Opportunities   14.200.000  page 1 #1
affiliate High  income Business Opportunity 13.800.000 page 1 #1
High income Business Opportunities         7.790.000 page 1 #8
High  Business Opportunities           43.200.000

page 1 #1


Best Affiliate High Business Income Opportunities 

5.070.000  page 1 #1+2
Affiliate High  Income Business Opportunities    6.020.000 page 1 #1+2
High Business Opportunities        18.200.000 page 2 #1
Affiliate High Business Opportunities 2.820.000 page 1 #1+2
RCMG-3.com uses the ProfitFunnel Mini Website and we maintain high ranking in search results for many different keywords and keyword phrases in our niche.

So what does all this mean…

This means that with any combination of our keywords our website has the #1 position or at least on page 1 of the search results. If anyone searches any combination of our keywords our website will appear in the search results. Of course this placement can change at any moment because websites come and go which causes the position to change and some sites might kick you out of the # 1 position. If you use keywords in your meta content, you should also mention those keyword somewhere on your page and in the description of that page. If your website is about art and painting, then you should try to use keywords that you think people would enter in a search quarry to fine anything about art and paintings.

Order your ready made S.E.O. & e-commerce "ProfitFunnel" Mini Webpage today and beat the rat race...

Testimonials- These companies also use the"ProfitFunnel" Mini Site
Check out what some of these satisfied customers are saying about the "FrofitFunnel" Mini Website.
Eczema Herbal Cures

The ProfitFunnel Mini Website incorporates some powerful SEO tactics and secrets you really have a front end product that give you a huge advantage using these tactics. Within 48 hours my site was listed in Google on the first page results for my keywords. Thanks Eczema Herhal Cures.com

Pat Klipp

The ProfitFunnel is a great website if you are pressed for cash but need a website that you can show to your business partners that you don’t have to be embarrassed about. The PF mini site is unique, will help you save money and get you placed in Google search exactly there where your site is supposed to be and that is the #1 spot. Thank you for tis website Pat Klipp.

Koukoui Consulting Group

Since my company has been using the “ProfitFunnel” we have gotten more customers. As in any business you have to try and spend as less money as possible for your business. Its about saving money and increasing your bottom line. Max Koukoui Chairman KCG.com

I Know Why Mandingos Sing

The is a great website for authors who really need a web presence but can’t afford to buy a website for hundreds of dollars. The best part about the ProfitFunnel is that you are not restricted to any one design or colour, you can change whatever you want to fit your company’s needs. Donald E.Payne   

ISBAB.com Advice Bureau

This website really helps you cut through the hype and help you secure your place in the marketing arena, equipped with SEO tactics that are sure to get you the #1 spot in Google for your main keywords. I definitely recommend the PF mini website to all beginning marketers. Caleb.R ISBAB.com

RCMG Concept Marketing

The ProfitFunnel Mini website is designed to get you up and running in no time at all, and helps you curb the build-up and start-up time that it normally takes for a company to get set up online and start working by 90%. The ProfitFunnel is the perfect mini website for beginning entreneurs and small business owners. I would definately recommend it. RCMG Marketing



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no its not

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