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Preferred members enjoy many benefits such as receiving our products and services at substantially low prices, not too many other companies offer such low prices. Our goal is not to try and get losts of money for our sites but to give you the beginning entrepreneur the opportunity to jump start your business at a fraction of what it would cost to build and maintain your own website and online business and we prefer that a person or company join list because we want to continue providing you with low prices especially when it comes to website maintenance.

As an RCMG-3 Preferred Member we will not bombard you with a 1000 news letters a week but it is of interest to us that you know the truth about affiliate and online marketing, if you are interested in becoming a full fledge marketer at anytime, please contact us and we will help you get started, but for now here is a little food for thought:

Affiliate marketing (in a nutshell) is the promotion of products by a third party in exchange for commission pay out/cut of sale and it is the Best Affiliate High Income Business Opportunity. First of all you have "Affiliate Networks" and "Affiliate Programs", affiliate networks consists of many companies and vendors who would like to have their product marketed by affiliate marketers and have joined an affiliate network. An affiliate program is one company offering marketers the opportunity to market their products, but they are not necessarily a member of an affiliate network.

I would truly love to say that you can do this without spending one red cent. But as in all types of businesses you may have to make some type of investment, luckily for your purposes the money that you will have to spend is a drop in the bucket in comparison to what you can potentially earn as an affiliate marketer.

But don’t get me wrong the purpose of our news letters is to tell you where you can get free stuff and the Best Affiliate High Income Business Opportunity. I will say that the most important tools which you will need are readily available for you “Free” of charge and I will tell you exactly how to obtain them. I’m also here to tell you that it is not as easy as some people make it out to be but on the other hand it is not difficult at all, it is time consuming and let us be very aware of this point. "time consuming".

You need time to set up your program so when you finally start working as an affiliate marketer your experience will be less frustrating. There is an enormous amount of information on this subject and hundreds of affiliate marketers are on the scene, but have no fear and believe me when I say "there is enough for everyone". The potential for making money on the Internet is as large as the internet itself. Don’t be left out in the cold there is great potential wealth in affiliate marketing. One of the most important tasks that you will need to learn is how to drive traffic to the merchant's website. Since you are promoting the vendors website it is of utmost importance that you build and drive traffic to your website first. This is one of the essential strategies that you must use when you engage in the affiliate marketing business.

So, how will you drive traffic to your site? Just like AdWords, AdSense, websites and blogs, all you need to do is to create quality content for your site. Keep in mind that relevant content is the most important element for top search engine page ranking and heavy traffic to your site.

I don’t want to give you a bunch of hype here but I thought as a preferred member you should know the truth about and have some facts on internet marketing, personally I prefer affiliate marketing but you can earn six figure incomes in both areas, depending on how fast you want it.






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The "ProfitFunnel" Optimized Mini Websites

Why spend a fortune on a multi-page website before you know what you need and how it will work. The “ProfitFunnel” promotional websites are designed to fit the contours of all monitor sizes, this way your site always look the same and good in any size monitor. Order your ready made S.E.O. and e-commerce "ProfitFunnel" Mini Webpage today. These webpages are especially made for the entrepreneur that is starting out or have little money to spend on a web presence. Our company realizes that it is absolutely imperative to have some type of online presence in order to earn any type of income on the internet, that is why RCMG/ISBAB has created this webpage and presence especially for you. The idea is to start with a small good looking webpage that you can later add on to… And Build It One Page At A Time  More Here

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